About Me

I’m Alessandro (Scinawa). I am a researcher in quantum algorithms at CQT (Centre for Quantum Technologies). I’ve done a PhD IRIF (Institut de Recherche en Informatique Fondamentale) and PCQC (Paris Center for Quantum Computation). I also work in the R&D of a company as quantum software developer.

In another life, I was a contractor for some nation-wide projects for 3 ICT companies. I’ve also been an expert witness (consulente tecnico di parte) for 2 court cases. For more details please see Linkedin, and Scholar.

I put my code online on Github.

I am a founding member of Inclusive Hacker Framework. A decade ago I started to be involved in the vivid italian hackers’ community, where sometimes I contribute with talks. I am also a fellow of Hermes Center for digital human rights, and support(ed) groups like Progetto Winston Smith and Metro Olografix.

I served on the Program Committee of: EndSummerCamp 2016, IHC.

I served on the Local Committee of: FOCS2018.

I (used to) play music. When I’m with friends and there’s a guitar or a piano around, maybe this. I’m antifascist, and I got debaptized.

Research Interest

My research interests are centered around quantum algorithms and machine learning: I try to write new machine learning algorithms for quantum computers. Along the way I also enjoy topics like the information bottleneck, learning theory, quantum algorithms, and anything that is quantum. I study how to apply quantum algorithms to solve real problems in other domains, like cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, and finance.

My master’ thesis was on graph centrality measures. I worked on the 4th of the Axioms for centrality: a set of necessary conditions that a centrality measure should satisfy in order to be considered “good”, and behave as expected for any graph.

The level of achievement that you have in anything, is a reflection of how well you were able to focus on it. (Steve Vai) Data rights are human rights.


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