I recently started shaping more and more this pages, in order to collect my thoughs, works, notes, on quantum algorithms, with specific focus in quantum machine learning. Why?

For many reasons, one of which is obviously the need to keep track of what I learn and sedimentate my knowlege by taking notes. But also only recently I understood the importance of vulgarization and diffusion of scientific knowledge as foundamental in an open and functional society. Therefore, I have decide to write in this pages about quantum algorithms and techniques. And then, misquoting an old friend of mine, is for “training and skill mainantence”.

If you think you can improve any of these notes, feel free! They are publicly available on Github here

If you want to reach me, feel free to write me!




A funny note on how I prepare my posts. I have built this bizzarre infrastructure that allows me to write latex in the cloud (using overleaf), and create web pages when a post is ready as a latex document. These pages are created thanks to the git API that overleaf offers, therefore using pandoc (with biblatex support) to generate markdown files, which are finally rendered in html using jekyll. Latex is rendered using mathjax. Obviously, everything is glued by bash. If you understood the implication of this infrastructure, then the answer to your next question is “Yes, I feel dirty inside when I mix latex,html,javascript and css in the same file, so bear with me if something is not working as expected”. (UPDATE: I’m writing directly in Markdown)