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January 06, 2017

Transavia is not recommended for travelling musicians

A couple of days ago I traveled with my guitar from VCE to ORY. For the safety of my dear guitar, much care was taken in order to find a trustworthy airline that allow to carry guitars as hand luggages.

I made sure that my case was largely within the allowed dimensions for musical instrument, as stated in their website.

While checking othoer luggage, I asked for a confirmation that my guitar will be taken as my hand luggage. The lady at the checking told me that since my guitar has a hard case, she wasn’t 100% sure I could load it into the cabin.

Unfortunately, the website doe not speak at all about the kind of cover that your guitar should have.

Thanks to a delay of 30 minutes, I asked on the twitter profile of transavia some clarification about the behaiour of the crew. I received only useless information back:

alt text

After having stated clearly that I was not going to take any responsability for any damaged eventually caused, a gentlemen of the land crew - to whom I owe a lot of gratitude - spoke with the cabin crew and a person in charge of luggages and I was allowed to place my guitar in a service closet.

Long story short, this time I was luky. But if you are a musician, I wouldn’t recommend you to fly with transavia: people cannot rely on the kindness of flight attendant. If you do, always ask at the check-in a confirmation that your instrument will be taken as hand luggage, and always be prepared for the worst (like double packing your guitar with bubble wrap).

It would be desirable if Transavia starts to use social media in a more meaningful way, and to have a clear policy on hand luggages (of better trained flight assistent).

Anyway, this was the condition of my other checked in luggage after the trip. Not bad for the first flight of my new suitcase.

alt text